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This is an article from Fall 2005.

This season’s fashion must-haves include dark hues, chunky jewelry and the absolute “to die for” trend -- a 1940s and ‘50s Hollywood glam look that works for both men and women. Guys, think retro Cary Grant meets the Rat Pack imagery.

The neo-equestrian look is hot for city nights, but unless you own horses you might want to stick with the popular bohemian movement. It's less pretentious and can be played up or down, depending on the occasion.

With so many dramatic changes in fashion this fall, some looks can get down-right confusing. Here are some ideas to help ease the transition. Remember: The shades of seasons change with the colors around you. If you don't see bright pink flowers outside your window, chances are you shouldn't wear them on fabrics either. Look at the hues of autumn, breathe them in, absorb them. Now, let's go shopping!

Achieving the looks is easier than it sounds.

For make-up, lightly dust your eyelids with a natural shade or smoky gray eye shadow, then adhere false lashes. Brush on only two coats of mascara. Finish the look with a deep red lipstick. Try Dior's Addict Numerical red shade for a starlet look.

Almost no one can afford Manolo Blahnik shoes, but you can steal the scene with Betsey Johnston boots.

Classic glamour is back, so think about this: would Grace Kelly wear a super short mini-skirt or carry a metallic purse? No, and neither should you. A soft butter-leather Prada is ever-lasting, and a strong investment to any wardrobe. For one good designer purse, look at magazine clips from 10 years ago. What is still prevalent today? I have a black Dooney and Burke, one brown Louis Vuitton and my favorite buttercream Prada. It took five years to collect these, but it's better than throwing out $40 every season on a new look.

On that note, every woman should purchase one tailored black dress (I prefer Gucci in linen) and one strand of white pearls. Check pawn shops for the pearls -- they usually cost less than $10, and last forever.

Real fur as sported by media junkies like J-Lo is a big fashion J-No. It reminds me of Times Square hookers from the ‘70s. But after seeing faux chinchilla and dark brown faux fox on the runway this month, I have to admit it looks hot. The key to pulling off faux is moderation. Keep it played down. Stick to collars and/or cuffs for the fuzzy stuff.

If you must don jeans, pair them with mini-stilettos and a loose-fitted, knotted belt. If weather permits, a cropped blazer will complete the look. Remember one key rule: It should be tight enough to show your figure and loose enough to show you're a lady. This goes for any classic look you want to pull off this season.

Instead of Last Season's . . .
Try This Month's . . .

Day-glow green
Autumn hues, mauves, raisin

Neon pinks
Reds, browns and champagne

French tips or nail stencils
Natural nails, natural colors

Crimped hair
Real hair color, soft curls

Colors not found in nature, bleached or overly highlighted hair
Ebony hair in soft curls

Flip flops, strappy heels with long slacks or jeans
Soft lace-up boots with skirts

Trucker hats
Antique hair clips with rhinestones or polished silver, fedoras

Anything Paris Hilton or Nicole Ritchie ever wore
Think Audry Hepburn, Jackie O and Joss Stone for inspiration

Faux hawks
Side hawks

Linen, suede, natural leather

Dark bra under light top, mesh or see-through clothing
Three-button blazer over lace top

Pinstriped, fitted jackets

Novelty shirts with negative commentary such as “Mean People Suck”
Genuine pre-1989 concert T-shirts from the Ramones, Sex Pistols, etc.

South Park, Napolean Dynamite, etc.
Original T-shirts featuring TV Shows and movies of the 1970s and ‘80s

Chai tea

Flipped Farrah Fawcett hair
The chignon

Side pony tails
Pinned loosely, dancer’s bun with soft curls

-With Love
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