Amanda (starry_dreams02) wrote,

Kennedy Love

Alright so I have a new theme: Kennedy Love. Yes, Kennedy love is like no other. I love it. I was feeling a antique brownish color and this is what came out of it. I'm very pleased with it.

We had the day off today in honor of Kyle Wega. He was a technician at my school and was killed in a car crash early Sunday morning. My dad, Katie and I went to the viewing last night. So many people turned out for it. We had to wait outside for atleast 10 mins before we were allowed inside. Then we had to stand in double lines and wait about fifteen mins. before we even got close to the where the family was. It was very sad. I'm glad I went though. I was contemplating on whether I should or not, but after seeing how many people did go, I'm glad I did.

Semi was last weekend. i had a wonderful time. Tension was deffinitly present with my group of friends but no matter, I do not let things like that bother me when I want to have a good time. I spent most of the night getting pictures with my friends and such. I'm not one for dancing to club music very much. I like a more elegant tone of dancing. Slow dancing I guess one would call it. That is more my style.

Prom is coming up in three months. May 13th to be exact. I'm worried about not having a date to go with. If I do not successfully aquire a date by that time then I will simply not go. It is not very appropriote to come to a prom without a date. It is almost foolish. My soch. and psych. teacher, Mr. Pope, told us to live a life of no regrets. Hence my previous entry. Therefore I will have to put a brave face on and ask someone to accompany me to Prom. I am fearfull of rejection, who isn't really? That is why I have never asked someone before. In my mind it is not right for a girl to ask a guy, but nowadays in 2006 I suppose that is a natural thing to do. I do not want to think back ten years from now and wonder what might have happened if I had asked someone. So I will just do it. If I get rejected then so be it. At least I tried and will know rahter than wonder.

I was just thinking how I have matured over the past year. I've always been on the mature side, a little silly at times, but mostly grown up. Over this past year though I have become accumsted to things that would have scared me in the past. Talking to anyone, no matter who they are is one thing. Asking people for help in stores always scared me because I would be afraid they would say "no we do not have that" or something, but now it does not bother me. Asking people to prom is just another example stacked upon the many already done. A great deal of this is due to the fact of having to potentially become a mother figure in my family. The other half is because I have a classic frameset of mind.

Well i'm going to get back to a movie I've been watching. Talk to you later.

-With Love
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