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Don Knotts

Last Friday Don Knotts, famed for his role of Barney Fife on The Andy Griffith Show, passed away at the age of 81 of respritory and paulminary complications. I came upon this sad news by going to What a shock it was to look at the home page and see that Don Knotts had passed away. I was in disbelief, choked up with tears and saddened greatly. I went downstairs to tell my parents who could simply not believe it. My mom was very upset because she loved him, we all did.

I then went back upstairs to read more of the artical. Then my dad called me back downstairs to see what CNN was saying about him and that the following night they would replay a Larry King episode where he interviewed Don and Andy, which I also watched with my mom. Even writing this now I become teary eyed. You see I grew up with Don Knotts on the Andy Griffith Show and loved him dearly as his character of Barney Fife. I also continuesly watch his one movie The Ghost and Mr. Chicken. That a boy Luther! A little humer with that comment. Anyway, Don Knotts has undoubtly been a part of my childhood and will forever remain a part of my life.

Last night TV Land had a 3 hour marathon of The Andy Griffith Show in honor of Don. We all watched that with heavy hearts, but also laughter filled the house because that was what Don was best at doing, making us laugh, and he will forever be remembered for that. These pictures are from a commercial TV Land has running now. You can view it on their home page. This weekend is souly contributed to Don also with a 48 hour marathon of both The Andy Griffith Show and Three's Company. All I can hope is that he will never be forgotton. It is almost as if a member of my own family is gone now. I loved that guy so much. Here's to you Don~

-With Love
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