Amanda (starry_dreams02) wrote,

Whirl Wind Weekend

What a whirl wind weekend this has been. Back and forth from the hospital pretty much. My mom was admitted again on Friday, but the good news is that she is doing better and will hopefully be let out later next week. I miss having my mom around. I talk with her about everything and I hate having to wait to go to the hospital to tell her things. My dad said that my brother and I probably won't even get to see her next week until she comes home cuz he'll be going right down to visit from work.

My dad's 52nd birthday is also tomorrow. I baked him an angel food cake so i'll decorate that tomorrow. I don't know when Mike and I will give him his present though. I suppose when he gets home from the hospital. We shall see how that turns out.

I went out to lunch with Jeff today. I had a really good time. We got to know each other a little better. He's a really sweet guy. After that I came home for a while and waited for my dad and Mike to come home. Mike had bought Anchor Man so we watched some of that and then went to B&N to get my mom a drink and then went and visited with her for about two hours. Then we all came home and watched the rest of Anchor Man, that movie is so halarious! Now i'm here talking with Ryan online. I'm gonna go get ready for bed soon. I'll see ya later.

-With Love
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