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We're Goin On The Town

So yes i'm in a pretty good mood right now considering all things going on. I have to work a little more on my 3 Gilroy projects and then write up a political paper for him. Then I have to work on my Kupstas report/journal/poster all due on Friday. Isn't that great!!! I'll be so glad to get out of that class. I'll miss Wyoming Valley Cultures though, I really like that class.

So on Friday I got another dizzy headache and I guess Mr. Gilroy could tell something was wrong so he sent me up to the nurse. I did not want to go to the nurse but he wanted me to go up. Had a little migrane on the weekend so I slept a lot but that's ok cuz I watched movies too. I don't think I even changed out of my pj's all weekend. How nice.

Oh! For the Penn State game in the Orange Bowl we went over Alisons house and had an awesome time. Hahaha it is always so funny over at that house, I love it.

I want to get my hair cut. Grace Kelly like. Someday soon i'll do it. It'll just be wierd cuz i've had long hair for such a long time and everyone loves my hair like that, but its due time for a change and Grace is just the style to go with. My mom said to get it done in periods at a time. Get a little cut off and then a little more till I get it to the point that I want it.

I made a c.d. of all of the songs from my favorite musicals starring Gene and Frank. Anchors Aweigh, Take Me Out To The Ball Game, On The Town, An American In Paris, Singin In The Rain, and High Society. Puts me in such a good mood listening to this c.d., gotta love those musicals!!!!

A new actor that I like is William Holden. I've seen him in Stalag 17, Bridges at Toko-Ri, Sunset Blvd., Sabrina, and The Country Girl. Yes I deff like him. Plus I just recently saw the I Love Lucy episode with him on it. I've seen that episode probably 10 times but never knew who he was cuz I was younger, but I had remembered the name. I have to see some of his movies where he doesn't always die at the end. Seriously, for a leading actor he sure does die a lot.

I'm back into Grace Kelly too. She was my favorite actress before I even knew who Marilyn was. But yes, I had liked her from my Hitchcock movies, where I learned all about classic hollywood, and always thought that she was the prettiest person ever in To Catch A Thief with the sexiest man ever, Cary Grant. Omg I love him! Anyway so i'm in a Grace mood right now too. Marilyn will always be #1 for me, but there is just something about Grace that I have always wanted to imitate, her elegance and gracefullness. Ya can't beat that.

Alright, I think i'm done here. Talk to ya later.

-With Love
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