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When I Hear That Happy Beat Feel Like Dancing Down The Street

Oh man I love long weekends. Friday I went shopping at the mall with Britt G. Got some shoes, I love shoes. Then Saturday I hung out with Isaiah at Barns and Nobles. I love that guy. Then Sunday we went to Target and I bought two new purses. Today I watched TV Land in the morning and then worked on my last Wyoming Valley Cultures report ever. It's sad though, I really love that class. Speaking of which I didn't finish my final on time on Friday so he let me go to his room 3rd period which is Economics. That class is so loud, it was really hard to work on my paper but of course I got through it. He had me sit behind Ryan in the very back which was good cuz I wouldn't wanted to have been in the front with all of those guys yelling and crap.

So lets see I also watched tons of TV Land this weekend cuz an All In The Family Marathon was on. Love that show! Hahaha. Sam is having a coffee party which I am totally psyched about. She said that we can dress up, like a city chic/ sex and the city chic. How amazing is that!?!?! Love that girl. I really wish what happened about 4 months earlier never did, what a huge misunderstanding that was. I'm really happy that me and Sam are friends now though. She's awesome.

What else to talk about. Hmmmm. Oh yes. My dear friend Ryan. Somethings up with him and I have no idea what it exactly is but to do what he did to two of his best friends is horrible. Just let it blow over? Maybe i'll have to, we'll see. Scott also. He just kinda goes with whatever Ryan does I guess, but when he needs something from me, well then, we're all good friends again. I didn't mind letting him borrow something of mine seeing as how it delt with JFK and if I can teach anyone something about JFK then I am more than glad.

Oh my goodness. School tomorrow. I hate it, but I love seeing all of my friends. I love them all so much. Plus I have to figure some things out with some other ppl and I only see them at school so that's another thing it's good for.

Listening to my Frank and Gene mix of their Movie Musicals seriously makes me really happy. My dad just came in and he's like "listening to your music" and I said with a smile "it makes me really happy" and he said "well that's good". I think he might be getting sick. He said that he didn't feel so good. I made supper tonight for him and I don't mind if I have to for the rest of the time that he's sick. It's what I always do anyway and whatever else for him so that he can have more time to sleep.

I'm gonna go watch either TCM or TV Land or something else if they have nothing good on. Who knows. Alrighty, talk to ya later.

-With Love
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