Amanda (starry_dreams02) wrote,

Spring Time

Oook. So I know what's goin on with Ryan now and i'd rather not talk about it cuz it has to do with one of my friends. Me and him are ok though.

Got out of school early today for a snow storm that never happened! I love when that happens. I came home and slept until 5pm. I'm getting a cold also and feel run down, but not so run down that I can't function at all.

I'm really looking forward to spring time. I want to have a bunch of fun and flirty dresses for the spring/summer season. I love dresses and do not have enough of them. I just have to find out where you can buy those kind at prices that aren't to bad. I invision spending loads of time outside and even getting some chic casual wear to go fishing with my dad and brother. I probably will not be fishing of course but i'll make the pinic basket up and head along with them.

Just a small update today. I'm out.

-With Love
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